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         TIG Welding Calculator

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GTAW or TIG Welding Calculator

  brought to you by Texas MetalCraft

This calculator is based on a set of TIG Basics that was written (or compiled) by Ernie Leimkuhler of Stagesmith. The code was developed by my good friend and partner, Derek Kennedy (DR Micro Ltd.). Any errors are my responsibility and should be reported to

Photos courtesy of Miller Electric from their book on GTAW welding

Minimum Amperage Calculator - Note, all calculations are approximate - your mileage may vary.

- Start by selecting the type of material

   Carbon (mild) Steel       Stainless Steel      Aluminum       Copper      Bronze    

- Next enter the thickness of the base material to be welded

Select a thickness from this dropdown list   

or Enter Thickness (i.e. 0.001") (then press the Tab key)

This will give us our "Starting Estimate" amps.

- Please specify if you are doing an inside fillet weld or an outside fillet weld 
(click on image for larger view)

Inside Fillet             

Outside Fillet        


- Now, check your figures and options - then press the 'Calculate' button.

Dial Current (in Amps) =

Note: Calculated Dial Current is 10% more than the minimum current needed for the weld. This allows us some headroom when using the foot pedal.

After the last sentence above, maybe we can place this chart: and highlight the 1 (or 2) lines that meets his "base metal thickness " choice (example...if he chose 1/8")

Base Metal       Tungsten    Filler Rod      Amperage
0.010" - 0.045"     0.040"       0.024" - 0.030"     5 - 20
0.030" - 1/8"       1/16"        0.030" - 0.045"    15 - 90
3/32" - 1/4"        3/32"        1/16" - 3/32"      50 - 200
3/16" - 3/8"        1/8"         3/32" - 1/8"      180 - 275 
5/16" - 1/2"        5/32"        1/8" - 3/16"      220 - 350 

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